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Longshore Masks

The Nuggets

The Nuggets

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The Nuggets take the classic sponge ball magic effects to a whole new level.

Nuggets are something that are extremely relatable with family audiences. Many parents use them as a form of currency with their children, and many children value them over actual currency.

Plus, "nugget" is just fun to say. 

 Each Nugget Box Set includes-

  • 5 kids meal sponge nuggets

  • 1 legendary giant boot nugget

  • 1 large Dino-Nugget

  • 1 brown happy style 4 piece nugget box to use in your routines

  • 1 white fil-a style box to use in routines as well as store your precious nuggets

  • Plus access to videos with presentational ideas, routines, moves, and sleights unique to The Nuggets Box Set

*  Each nugget is handcrafted using fresh, never frozen, cage-free sponge. They are carved individually and hand dyed to create the most realistic nuggets possible.

**Do not eat The Nuggets



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